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As a "card-carrying" Ambassador, you will be able to hook-up your friends, family and all of the admirers of your pants and earning 10% of all sales connected to your Promo Code means every random encounter has the potential to be a nice payday while simply spreading the same joy you have about this unique Social Movement disguised as an apparel company.  You don't have to quit your day job, but NEVER leave the house without a pocket full of business cards if you're wearing the pants because you're gonna need them- TRUST ME.

Pantemonium ambassador benefits

Ambassador Membership Has It's Privileges

  • 4 Free Pieces of Apparel and Strategic Partner Product Samples
  • 500 Pantemonium Ambassador Business Cards and Web Presence
  • Wholesale Pricing on all Pantemonium Originals AND Specialty Designs 
  • Your Own Personal Promo Codes 
  • 10% Commission on ALL Sales Generated From Your Code 
  • 10% Commission on all Specialty Design Deals
  • Special Event Invitations and VIP Access that we Sponsor / Support
  • EXCLUSIVE "Ambassador Only" Apparel 
  • Access to our LinkedIn Pantemonium Business Profile Page
  • Full Support and Access to Our Graphic Designers and Executive Team
  • Being a part of a family of amazing people you can see listed below

Don't let the $300 Fool you- it's worth a whole lot more...

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