We're That Cool Specialty Design Pant Company you've been hearing about

Limitless design capabilites on the highest-quality apparel is why we're known as The Best in Class- "On and Off the Grass"

Your Brand or Logo on our Pants is a Recipe for Success

Our Founder is know for taking this concept of #WalkingBillboards to a level that nobody else thought was possible.  Loud and Crazy apparel gets you a smile but when you make that design around you brand's vision- it a whole new ballgame.  See how simple it is to Experience Pantemonium  and we can't wait to collaborate with you.

Where Passion Meets Fashion

We call them #SocialUniforms because of the mindset you'll have as soon as you put them on.  We aren't trying to be LOUD- we'll leave that up to you.  Rock our bottoms that are hand-picked for you to show your passion through fashion.  Check out our line in our TARGETED COLLECTIONS