We are constantly evolving because of our belief in a true "Pantemocracy"

Limitless design capabilites on the highest-quality apparel is why we're known as The Best in Class- "On and Off the Grass"

We don't want to make you LOUD... we want take your logo, colors and vision so you feel PROUD!

Our Founder is known for his obsession of creating #WalkingBillboards to a level that nobody else thought was possible.  Loud and Crazy apparel gets you a smile but when you make that design around your brand's vision- it's a whole new ballgame.  See how simple it is to Experience Pantemonium  and the CEO will personally talk to you about it.  Pricing will be cemented in January but for the rest of 2017, we get to be generous so don't waste your 2018 budget on Polos and Promo Industry trinkets.  

#SocialUniforms by Pantemonium

We call them #SocialUniforms because of the mindset you'll have as soon as you put them on.  We aren't trying to be LOUD- we'll leave that up to you.  Rock our bottoms that are hand-picked for you to show your passion through fashion.  Pantemonium Sports is also growing rapidly but on 11/11/2018... we will be ready to start production in our new State o the Art facility so check out our Inaugural online offering in our TARGETED COLLECTIONS.